London, Asbestos Survey: The Types and All You Need To Know

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What is asbestos?

Also known as the “hidden killer,” asbestos took thousands of lives for the past century in London. Its wide variety of applications made it in-demand especially during the industrial revolution. However, once the health risks it brought upon the humanity was recognized, legislative measure was slowly implemented to have it in control, until it was banned completely in 1999.

Why is asbestos survey necessary?

This is important to monitor the asbestos level of your place and to know if action is required afterward. It must always be remembered that no type of asbestos is not considered carcinogenic- which means, each type of asbestos has the potential to cause tumors and even cancer inside our body. Exposed individuals may not feel the effects right away because the latency period can take from 15 years up to 60 years. It is so deadly that 4,500 death is estimated each year in our country alone.

Legal obligations are reinforced as a way to combat asbestos presence within the country. This is not only to help the victims get cured but to protect the future generation as well. This is where the conduct of suitable and reliable London asbestos survey.

In performing the survey, it is necessary to gather all available information about the building. Buildings especially made before 2000 are most likely to be the candidate of the asbestos survey. Have the right set of people conduct the survey competently. And lastly, you must know the suitable survey for your project.

Types of Asbestos Survey

There are three main categories when it comes to surveying asbestos: (1) management, (2) refurbishment, and (3) demolition.

Management survey is said to be the most common survey being used for asbestos management plans In here; the London asbestos survey experts must locate any ACMs as much as possible, and analyze the risks that may be involved with it. Not only the building must be assessed, but other miscellaneous parts as well. This may include material samples. The duty holder is obligated to unlock passages within the building and make them accessible. Depending on the result, management and control actions must be included.

Refurbishment asbestos survey, on the other hand, is used to find all ACMs within the building and also within its structure. There will be a proposed limit of works from the client, and the survey will become specific on that. This might involve having your cabinets, walls, and floors, be damaged. Unlike the previous where the severity of the condition is closely examined, this second type focuses more on the asbestos quantity (which later on will be compared to the standards set). Lastly, this kind of survey tends to asbestos removal before renovation or refurbishment.

The last would be the demolition asbestos survey. This is used to locate, once again, as much ACMs within the building and also the structures. There won’t be a specified point of inspection- all areas of the building must be accessed. Just like with refurbishment survey, this might also involve destructive techniques.

There may be lots of asbestos surveyors here in London, but you must only choose the best- don’t risk having incompetent workers as it may compromise the results of the test. And when the result comes out stating that your place contains a low level of asbestos, do not panic. If you don’t see debris of asbestos, or if you see it intact, then it probably is not an issue. If you see any issues, learn to communicate with proper people. We will help you!

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