Getting Rid of Asbestos: When and How?

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The rampant use of asbestos in the past has led to its lethal legacy to humanity- contact or even exposure from it can cause several lung-related diseases such as mesothelioma, lung cancer, and asbestosis. However, it’s unique and useful properties, like being fire resistant and being an excellent insulator, it became a high demand especially for the cheap and mass production of several products. It was mined and manufactured.

Asbestos use varies from a wide range of products. This was until proven by studies that asbestos was the “hidden killer” of young people who were regularly exposed to asbestos due to their occupation. Asbestos workers did not feel the effects right away. Instead, their health deterioration was only felt after a decade or two from the exposure. Thus, people who used to handle asbestos before mostly got sick after their retirement age.

In fact, the first documented death from occupational asbestos happened in 1906- centuries after asbestos was commercially used. It was first recorded at London’s Charing Cross Hospital by Dr. Montague Murray. The autopsy revealed that the 33-year old victim had a huge amount of asbestos fibers found in his lungs. Thousands of people died ahead of him and for the same reason, although, those deceased were once assumed to have died from “fibrosis.”

A number of deaths continued to rise until the government waged war against asbestos- these naturally occurring minerals were finally banned. And to ensure that they never come back, strict rules and regulations were implemented and is monitored and maintained by standard tests and surveys for the asbestos present. If proven that an establishment or a product contains asbestos, then it calls for immediate action. For most cases in London asbestos removal.

When Is Removal Necessary?

Asbestos-containing materials (ACM) are very necessary to be removed if it has been damaged that even encapsulation is not enough and that workers and occupants of the building might be exposed. It is also necessary for ACM buildings before renovations and demolitions. Some clients might demand it as well even though the ACM is not considered a risk. However, if classified as hazardous, it must be removed. If this happens, it is extremely advised to seek the help of professionals. You can always call London asbestos removal whenever you need it.

How Can It Be Removed?

Once again, asbestos is very lethal substance. In fact, it is considered to be the most toxic in the industry. With this, it is not recommended to be taken care of by inexperienced and untrained personnel. It would be a lot safer to seek the service of skilled and seasoned asbestos expert.
Before ACM is to be removed, an inspection will be held first to determine that the presence of asbestos is indeed, true. The location from where the samples were taken must be photographed and must be documented as well. There are also precautionary measures after samples were taken as well- the packaging for the sample must be planned together with the mode of transport. It is important to make sure that the samples are not released to the air. You may expect analysis results within 5 to 7 working days after the samples have reached the laboratory. Keep the certificate of analysis because in some cases, it must be submitted to your asbestos coordinator. They will need it to update your asbestos inventory.

Although completely banned, asbestos is still present in England today. Whatever your case may be, its presence must be taken with caution to prevent the humans from exposure.

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