Four London-based Asbestos Surveyor with Stellar Reputation

Finding a London Asbestos surveyor

Assuming that you have finally gained knowledge on asbestos, its usage, and its health risks, you probably began to wonder, or even to suspect, that your home and workplace have asbestos materials present. At some point, you might have stumbled upon some materials in your place that you believe contain asbestos. The feeling of being alarmed is normal. And although you should at least feel secure about the issue if your place was built later than the 1980s, you might still want to make sure to confirm the presence of asbestos-containing material (ACM). If you want to make sure, you can engage with an Asbestos surveyor.

But firstly, how can you make sure you are about to hire a competent surveyor?

According to Health and Safety Executive Guidelines for Asbestos, the surveyor must have enough knowledge, training, experience, ability, and qualifications to do their duties and to know their limitations; have understood their tasks and risk that they will encounter.
A good indication of a good surveyor possesses accreditation and certificate for asbestos surveys. Do not employ an incompetent surveyor no matter what as the result of the procedure might get compromised.

To make things easier for you, here is the list of some known skilled asbestos surveyor in London:

1. Lincoln Analytical Asbestos Services
This family-run asbestos surveying and management company has been in the industry for more than a decade. They pride themselves on excellent customer service, reply to your queries quickly, and offer services at reasonable rates. It is assured that their asbestos surveyors in London have extensive experience and P402 certified (an asbestos training course) and have DBS checks.

2. NSUK Group – Asbestos Surveyors
This is a team of fully qualified Asbestos Consultants providing a range of surveying and consultancy related services, asbestos removal, and fire risk assessment from the public to private buildings for over 30 years. Their excellent outputs have made repeated businesses and client referrals. They cover the whole UK, and you can expect a surveyor on site within two days. Excellent job and quick reports- who wouldn’t want that? You can always call an asbestos surveyors in London.

3. Sperion Ltd.
With over 40 years of experience, Sperion can be relied upon when it comes to your asbestos consulting, surveys, and removal needs. In fact, they carry it out to the highest health and safety standard. They have worked in various establishments before, including retail outlets, educational institutions, hospitals, hotels, residential premises, etc. This group of professionals aims to provide you a fast and efficient service with quality and integrity. No worries!

4. Trinity Alexander Group
Trinity Alexander Group is an independent, specialist company providing Asbestos Compliance reports along with Commercial Energy Performance Certification, Display Energy Certification, and Carbon Management. Their goal is to give their clients a friendly, professional and diverse service with a vast range of energy saving solutions.

Let us learn to assess the risk. If you’re concerned about the condition of asbestos that has been used in your place, do not waste time and arrange for an asbestos survey. You will never really know if your building is safe or not unless you have it tested. And if proven ACM contaminated indeed, then you will want to have it removed by contractors as early as possible!

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