What To Expect From Asbestos Testing Services

get your asbestos tested

Due to its remarkable physical and chemical characteristic, asbestos uses were acknowledged even from the ancient worlds. The human need for asbestos became too strong that several asbestos mines and manufacturing soared and thrived until its health effects were uncovered in the 1970s.
Now, you might be worried if your place has asbestos or not, especially if it was built more than decades ago. Also, you may want to have the miscellaneous materials of your building to be tested for asbestos content, as well.
You can have it tested by hiring a professional service, or you can do it at home. However, the commercial form of asbestos testing is very expensive, and the results are often inaccurate. Some would prefer to gather the samples themselves at sending it to laboratories. You may want to try some home-based testing methods but please note that asbestos itself is dangerous.
However, it is highly recommended to hire professionals to test these toxic minerals. Even if unsure, it safer to assume that what seems to be contaminated with asbestos is indeed true, unless proven by tests that it is false. Also, people working on asbestos testing services are trained, have vast knowledge and experience in their field, and are properly equipped.

Practices involved in Asbestos Testing Services
The professionals will be engaging in their standard practice for visual inspection. This is important because the presence of asbestos must be confirmed first, and that to make sure that material is undisturbed, the absence of residue, debris, and dust. This may seem like a simple procedure, but this requires protective measures, such as the use of critical barriers and enclosures, decontamination chambers, protective attire, and respirators, etc. Moreover, this is only a part of much more complex procedures to follow.
Another important test that your hired services might perform is air monitoring and testing. Just because an establishment has passed the visual inspection does not mean it will immediately pass clearance for air testing, although it will have a high chance. Samples shall be collected and analyzed.
They will also have to assess the current condition and potential for disturbance of asbestos-containing materials. Asbestos testing services provide a report will be generated stating the narrative of the findings, data and figures, sampling analysis results, a graphical depiction of inspected areas, and results.
After the tests have been performed, do not forget to claim the certificate of analysis as you might need them for your future building plans. This should reflect that your building is free of asbestos, and if not, have the asbestos-containing materials be removed and have it certified once more. Again, visual inspection is not enough and not a substitute for lab analysis. Laboratory analysis is the only way to confirm that material contains or does not contain asbestos.

Despite the long on-going battle with asbestos, this lethal substance is not totally banned yet. Several campaigns have been launched to ban asbestos as it is also a way to cure asbestos-related cancer, and most especially, to raise awareness to unaware people dealing with asbestos in their workplace. Getting your place tested for asbestos contamination is a good way to promote the campaign.

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