Asbestos Testing Services in London: Why Are They Necessary?

surveying for asbestos

A quick overview of asbestos

Vast industrial uses of asbestos were once turned into a global demand when even women and children had to be added to the workforce of its manufacturing industries. Asbestos was used in hundreds of different products, especially the low-cost and mass-produced ones, and buildings which were built from the 1950s to late 1990s. And since the peak of asbestos use was during the 1960s to 1970s, it was said that establishments build or refurbished at this period were most likely to contain a higher amount of asbestos and therefore must be tested.

But why is asbestos such a concern?

Inhaled asbestos fibers can become lodged in our chest tissues, and our body’s natural defenses may not easily take them down. As a result, our bodies might develop lung-related diseases.
In 1906, an autopsy of a 33-year-old English asbestos worker, Nellie Kershaw, revealed a pulmonary failure, where a huge quantity of asbestos fibers were found in his lungs. Asbestos workers were reported to the die younger than the average.

More studies were established among asbestos workers and in 1921, the word mesothelioma was coined. This is mostly contracted by miners and textile workers who work with asbestos. The average survival time for a mesothelioma patient is estimated to be 4 to 18 months. Even the military veterans have not escaped the tragic fate from mesothelioma- asbestos was often used on their ships, tanks, air crafts and trucks due to its fireproofing and insulation properties.
Shortly after the first cases of mesothelioma, the first diagnosis of asbestosis was made. Again, this is caused by the exposure of asbestos to the workers, but the affected will not be diagnosed or find health issues until a decade later. The patient was reported to suffer from chronic breathing complications.

London and Its War on Asbestos

Despite several deaths claimed from asbestos exposure, asbestos mining and manufacturing continued to grow, unstoppable. Asbestos played a key role in producing mass construction materials.
However, asbestos use declined around 1970s when the world finally understood the detrimental effects it may cause. People began to stray away from asbestos exposure causing the industry to fall.
Furthermore, the facts and figures produced by several studies around the globe have led the UK government to take action against asbestos. The Asbestos regulations 1969 stated the guide and limit to asbestos exposure. The regulations were so strict- covering plants and factories, construction sites, and several engineering projects.

Continuous Battle Against Asbestos Through Standard Tests

The long battle between UK and asbestos has finally concluded in 1999. Of this fact, asbestos-related deaths have not stopped. An estimated 8000 cancer deaths in Britain alone each year are attributed to past exposure to carcinogens exposure at their workplaces. Around half of these are asbestos-related. Death due to mesothelioma continues to rise annually due to the excessive use of asbestos in the past. But you know you can always find London asbestos surveyors whenever you need it. Carpenters and joiners, plumbers, heating and ventilating engineers, electricians and electrical fitters, are some of the most critically at risk of asbestos contact.
This is where the importance of testing services is coming from. Testing services are supposed to continue to monitor the lowering levels of asbestos in the surroundings. This is not just optional, rather, compulsory to the duty holders. If you are the landlord, commercial property owner or manager, you are also responsible for taking care of asbestos on your property. Dutyholders will have to find out the source of asbestos with the help of professionals.
There are lots of London asbestos surveyors that you can hire- you can have them collect your asbestos samples and be analyzed. Testing services might also have to help you if you are knowledgeable about the safety risk and health assessment. The result, documents, certificate of analysis from the test must be shared with anyone you’ll like to partner with for your establishment plans in the future. Most importantly, you and the testing services must help one another to help keep the asbestos safe, contained, in good condition or removed. In this way, the problems from the past will rather be rectified, and the same problem will not have to be as severe in the future.

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