Management Surveys

These are the most basic survey allowed in order to comply with your legal duty to manage asbestos. They are non-intrusive surveys and will only cover materials that can potentially be disturbed during normal occupancy and maintenance. We will work with you to identify specific areas that should be included or excluded from the survey during our initial booking procedure. The management survey report will detail all areas that were accessed and any elements noted within, as well as all areas which were not accessed. Any area not detailed in the report should be considered as not accessed and presumed to contain asbestos until further inspection proves otherwise.

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Refurbishment Demolition Surveys

Properties that are due for major refurbishment or that are to be demolished must have a more invasive survey. Within this broad category surveys are broken down into either asbestos Refurbishment or asbestos Demolition surveys and this will be noted on the report. Reports for buildings that are due for demolition must be labelled as Demolition Surveys. A refurbishment survey can be carried out in specific areas within a building, for example kitchens, where targeted works are to be carried out, as well as whole buildings. In these circumstances you might wish to have a survey just for the specified area or a Management Survey for the whole building and more intrusive sampling in the area in question. This will need to be agreed beforehand and noted in the scope of the survey.

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Re-Inspection Surveys

Your Duty to Manage entails periodic inspection of any materials that are identified during a Management Survey. You will be required to access the condition of those materials and to conduct remedial maintenance in accordance with your Management Plan. The simplest way to gather this information is to have a qualified asbestos surveyor conduct a Re-Inspection. This will entail a visit to the site to compare the previous report to the current condition of the asbestos containing materials. The surveyor will then produce a simplified report and make recommendations for further action.

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3 Easy Steps to Asbestos Surveys & Safety

Whether your company needs an Asbestos Management Survey or Refurbishment/Demolition Survey, our surveyors will carry it out in accordance with HSG264 Asbestos: The Survey Guide (2012) and HSG248 Asbestos: The Analysts' Guide for Sampling, Analysis and Clearance Procedures. Our surveys are conducted by BOHS P402 certified asbestos surveyors with full insurance.

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Either send an email to the above address or use our handy contact form. Please give as many details as you can about the service that you require but don't worry if you are not sure. We will email you right back asking for any more information that we require to produce a competitive quotation.

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Recieve a Quote

We can give you a quick price via email or an official quotation on our headed paper if you require something more formal for your records. We will detail all elements to be covered in the scope of the survey based on your instructions.

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Surveyor Arrives

Our surveyor will meet you or your nominated contact at the site at a time arranged with your company. A thorough and methodical inspection of all areas covered in the scope will be conducted and samples taken of any suspicious materials. These samples will be analysed at a UKAS accredited laboratory and the results then compiled into a full survey report. We can provide a printed copy or electronic depending on your companies preference.

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Our Simple Process to being Asbestos Free

In order to fulfil your Duty to Manage we can help you through the process of identifying and then managing asbestos containing materials on your companies premises.

  • Determine the type of survey that you require
  • Decide the areas of your premises that are to be covered by the survey
  • Contact us with as much detail as possible and request a free quotation
  • Arrange a date and time for our surveyor to visit your site
  • Add the survey report to your Asbestos Register
  • Follow any recommendations in the report as part of your companies asbestos management plan

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